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Business Transformation Goals (Sample)

  • Create a business versus system/transaction mind-set
  • Create a process versus functional mind-set
  • Continue personal growth through on-going enrichment training
  • Avoid job security fears through regular 360 degree feedback
  • Reduce enterprise turnover in operations and administrative staff

  • Optimize and integrate end-to-end value-added processes
  • Continue process simplification efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand that a processes is a strategic enabler to optimization
  • Define appropriate metrics that are linked to business objectives
  • Allocate responsibility for process effectiveness

  • System underpins and enables process improvement and integrity
  • Maximize system integration with cost effective technology
  • Attain consistent data and knowledge capture
  • Ensure quality data (Sarbanes-Oxley friendly)
  • Seek flexible, simple, timely reporting capability

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