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Project/Program Management

BK Consulting Group, LLC knows from experience that effective project/program management can be the difference in achieving the expected ROI or not.

Whether your company is in the earliest stages (definition or planning) or in the middle to end (execution or delivery) of the project life cycle, BK Consulting can add immediate assistance to almost any situation. We realize that many clients have their own project management methodologies and tools and the need to maintain that integrity is critical. Our consultants can work within your models or bring our own methodologies to assist your organization in a number of targeted ways:

Pre-Definition Stage
  • Completing project proposal requests including risk analysis
  • Applying project screening criteria, process and evaluation matrix
  • Determining project priorities through ranked objectives
  • Establishing a robust project governance structure and set up protocols
  • Assuming PM support or a hands-on mentorship relationship with your PM’s

Definition Stage
  • Assisting your project teams with appropriate goal and deliverable setting
  • Helping your team with task development and problem solving facilitation
  • Determining appropriate project team member responsibilities and assignments
  • Preparing your team to work effectively together

Planning Stage
  • Determining task scheduling and management reporting hierarchy
  • Preparing required budget information
  • Helping with staffing requirements, resource screening and selection process
  • Determining appropriate project risks and contingency plans

Execution Stage
  • Assisting in the development of status reporting and presentation for all levels
  • Integrating schedule changes made to tasks, resources and overall plans
  • Helping your team to learn, understand and apply quality standards
  • Assisting in the development of project life-cycle forecasts

Delivery Stage
  • Assisting and developing appropriate level of training plans for end customers
  • Developing required training and user specific documentation
  • Assisting with “right sizing” resource options upon project completion
  • Facilitating and documenting lessons learned working sessions

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