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Client Testimonials

Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications and information services company.

Darian J. Stirzaker, Chief and Executive Director of Customer Sales & Service says "Working with Bill was a very rewarding experience, not only because we achieved what we set out to achieve, but I personally had the opportunity to grow and develop based on the direct learning's and style Bill shared willingly".

"Bill led a major change program effort within Telstra which lasted for over 18 months and had direct impact on almost 7,000 employees at the time. In simple terms, this program consisted of defining new ways of maximizing the effectiveness of an automated field dispatch system, after the initial attempt had failed to achieve the expected benefits and also disenfranchised the entire user base.

The program Bill led therefore had to not only re-implement the system, but do it in a way which engaged many levels of our organization AND establish credible ways of motivating the buy-in and active involvement by the Unions and win the attention of the Australian Government (a 50.1% majority shareholder of our company.

I would describe Bill’s personal characteristics as professional yet empathetic, maintaining very high integrity at all times. Personable when and where required which was important in the environment we were confronted with. Committed to achieving what he had signed up to and in a way which engaged others to be committed as well. Bill’s natural style made the accepting of new thoughts and ideas easier for many of us who worked with him and his team on this effort. Bill was able to establish very good working relationships with people at all levels based on mutual respect, which means at times, he had to stand his ground based on agreed principles. He did it in a way which acknowledged and showed respect for the views of other persons and ultimately led to increased trust between everyone.

...this can be best summarized by the fact that I continue to use today, the tools and tips Bill taught me during the period we worked so effectively together. We are extremely pleased with the results of the project and would have no hesitation in using Bill again in the future".

Darian J. Stirzaker
Chief and Executive Director of Customer Sales & Service

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